The Future of the Law Office Space in Ottawa

Recently in office space trends there has been a growing trend that is transforming office spaces to have open concept spaces and collaborative break-out rooms. This growing trend has been adopted mostly by tech companies, accounting firms and a few other industries. Although this trend in office space has primarily influenced these types of industries, there are some brave law firms out there shaking things up by adopting this trending new office style layout by removing the closed off sections and offices that have long been present in law firms.

The first major shift in modern law firm office spaces is the significant decrease in square footage per lawyer with some target offices down to 500 square feet per lawyer. This is incredible considering that the average was 800 square feet so it has been cut down almost in half.

That old notion of the large corner office and the prestige that went along with it are fading away in exchange for a more efficient use of the office space in Ottawa that is available to law firms.

Additionally, technology has played a great role in transforming the modern law firm space into a streamlined office that provides a lot of spacious, airy open room rather than a series of filing cabinets full of files. Because a lot of data can now be stored on portable drives or in the cloud, lawyers are able to better use their office space for practical everyday uses or to have a more open feel for their clients who visit their office in Ottawa.

This yields several benefits such as being able to downsize the overall office space size or using the now free office space for another purpose. This trend is sure to continue and allows for people to jump into a professional office a lot more economically and also make better use of the office space that they have rather than using the bulk of it for storage. This way the monthly expenses for the average law firm in Ottawa can be reduced and when they need storage they can take advantage of Just Right Self Storage for some affordable file storage in a secure environment. This actually provides more peace of mind knowing that these important files are stored under 24 hour surveillance rather than just being in an office that can be broken into.

Start to take a look at the next office space you visit in Ottawa to see if they are adopting this open concept look and feel.