Is there too much office space in Ottawa?

With the boom of businesses in Ottawa, Kanata, and Orleans there are many new businesses in town that are setting up shop outside of the city centre. While these businesses may experience a slightly less costly office space, they usually end up spending a lot more trying to drive traffic to their location. A better option would be to take up shop in Ottawa's downtown with some office space that is more centrally located. This way you can take advantage of the steady flow of consumers that are shopping in Ottawa's downtown every day. Plus being centrally located with your office provides many advantages for your staff and easy access for customers to find you (and get some other errands done at the same time).

If you are looking for some office space in Ottawa for your business it is something you should review carefully to ensure you make the right choice. There are many options to choose from and in fact with fewer tenants renting now then before there may even be too much office space in Ottawa.

Just because there is a surplus though doesn't mean that it is a surplus of good office space; rather that there are some very good locations such as the MacDonald Building at 123 Slater Street and then many bad locations that are downtown but hard to get to or not near parking so customers will have a hard time getting to your business.

There are many benefits to having a physical office space for your business in Ottawa and you should definitely take a look at some commercial office space options by speaking with one of the office space sales representatives at Metcalfe Realty to find a space that is just right for your business.