2016 Color Trends For Your Commercial Office

Color is a very important part of our world, even if our individual worlds are primarily made up of office structures. The human brain is affected by the different colors presented to it and the various associations made in relation to such colors. You can actually use colors to do quite a lot to enhance your office’s appearance and the productivity of your employees.


The commercial office world, has some new color trends that are likely to become predominant in 2016.


  • A popular trend is natural color. They are usually calm greens, browns and blues and they are usually complemented with wooden furniture or plants, because these usually give the room a more natural feeling. A natural light can complement the natural colors within the office. Water features are great complementary features as well.


  • Another popular color trend is grey. It has been described as regal and tasteful and it can give the office a formal feeling. The trick is, to not use too much grey, to make the office look too dark. You can even add an accent feature, like a wall or a piece of furniture to brighten up the room a little.


  •  Highlights are another popular color trend in the office. You can add an element of interest into an office by adding a bright or different colored piece to a room. It may be a brightly colored piece of furniture or a light fixture that gives off a different colored light that accents various areas of the room.


  • Cool, calm colors are another popular color trend. Greens, blues and grey-greens are quiet colors that seem to encourage deep thought and creativity. They are great for employees and employers who want a quieter and harmonious open office environment.


  • Traditional colors are another popular trend. Classic colors are trending again, especially when the offices are filled with various elements of furniture. Keeping the office looking somewhat neutral, in an off-white color or in other similar colors can help to give it a balance. You can also add neutral elements and natural views as well.


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