Trends That Can Help Boost Productivity In An Open Office

Approximately three-quarter of all America’s offices today are open-plan workspaces. This is because many businesses believe in the ability of such offices, to promote creativity and collaboration as well. To boost productive, many businesses may have come up with some very catchy ways to alter the design of the office or the atmosphere within the office.


We’re going to show you come of the trendy new ways that you can boost your open office so that your workers are more productive.


  • Get some moveable furniture for the office: This type of furniture can serve both introverted or extroverted workers. Employees who are more productive when working alone, can rearrange their furniture, position or location, in order to get to a state where they can get more work done for the company. The others, who may find themselves more productive when they work together with people, can rearrange their furniture to suit.


  • Consider alternative seating: Studies have shown that sitting or standing at work, for an extended period of time can not only lead to medical problems (not to mention an increased chance of dying), but can lead to unproductivity too. Alternative seating, such as kneeling chairs and yoga balls, can help your employees to get more exercise and thus, energy which boosts their health and their productivity as well.


  • Designate ‘thinking spaces’ in your office: These are areas in the office where an employee can just sit and peacefully solve problems and pretty much just figure out stuff, without any disturbances from the other employees.


  • Designate areas that promote collaboration: There are many employees who enjoy interacting with others, because of the amount of productive energy they receive when they’re around people. That’s why it’s a good idea to provide areas where workers can socialize, think or collaborate with others.


  • Don’t assign seating: When workers are able to choose the area of the office they want to work in, they will be more comfortable and thereby, more productive. Some people find it more satisfying to work, facing an open window, while others prefer to work, all cooped up in a cosy corner.


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