Reasons You May Want To Consider Getting A New Commercial Office

Your present commercial office may actually be really bad for you right now. You may not really realize it or maybe if you do realize it, you choose to not really think about it. There may be some things about your office or things happening within your office which may cause it to be quite bad for you and your employees. We’ll show you some of these things.


  • The first thing is the Sick Building Syndrome, and that’s pretty much a building that is filled with germs and bacteria, from the inside out. From the walls on the outside, to the little desk draws you have, facing your germ-infested computer chair.


  • Secondly, there may be some Gadget Pollution happening. For instance, there may be gases such as ozone, which emanate from the photocopier. It can lead to conditions such as throat irritation, coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) warns that these gases emitted from gadgets in your office can be quite dangerous.


  • Third of all, you may experience some lighting issues at the office. It could be that the light inside is brighter than the actual sunlight outside – that’s not good at all. This is called “over-illumination” and it can result in quite a lot of problems, like visual trouble, headaches, etc.


  • Fourth, you may have to endure motivational meetings, which aren’t usually very motivational at all. They’re more annoying and time-consuming than motivational.


  • Fifth of all, your office environment may be BORING. That’s no good at all. The structure of the office itself may be a concern – not very invigorating to the sensory organs, nor stimulating to the mind.


  •  Finally, the constant sitting in the office, because of a lack of sufficient structures implemented to cater for other working positions. For instance, if your office doesn’t have tables that are made for working standing up, then you will constantly have to be sitting to get your work done.



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