Some Commercial Office Design Tips

Your commercial office is where your employees tend to spend most of their time. They are there for at least eight hours every day, for at least 5 days a week, not counting the extra hours that are spent overtime, sometimes. Now that’s a lot of hours. So you want to get in touch with the things that make your office as comfortable or help your worker to be more productive as you can. That’s where these office designs tips come in handy.


  • Ensure that you brand the office – it’s very important for your employees and especially for your visitors too. Try to get all your furniture and your office in the theme colors of your business. Try to add your logo onto some of the furniture, on the stationary in your office and more. Your customers will notice this and interpret it as a sense of unity and focus when they come to the office.


  • The space within your office has a lot to do with your office design. You need to make sure that you are using the office space to the best of your ability. Ensure that your staff members have big enough desks, have enough privacy and enough space to move around as well. You also want to decide on the office designs in terms of an open plan office or bench desking – that’s how you can provide a quiet, yet dynamic atmosphere for your employees.


  • The lighting in the commercial office is important: Natural light is one of the most effective lighting you can use for your business. Yes, the “artificial” lights, like light bulbs within the office are convenient for brightening up the darker areas within the room, but they can lead to employee health problems, such as eye fatigue, headaches and more. Computer glare can hurt your eyes and cause them to strain. A good way to increase the natural lighting within the office, by installing windows, removing interior walls and more.


  • There should be relaxation areas which should be a place that your staff can not only have lunch, but also be a place that they can socialize/bond with their teammates, boost their creativity, clear their minds, and just get a chance to enjoy a different environment as well.


  • The type of furniture that you have within the officeis something that you need to focus on, because it can significantly impact the quality of functioning within the office. You don’t want your employees to end up with discomfort, pain or long term health problems either. Yes, furniture may be a bit costly, but opting for the cheapest set isn’t the solution. Try to find pieces that are ergonomic, comfortable and convenient for the workers who have to use them all day.



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