Maintaining Commercial Office Cleanliness

The condition of your commercial office reflects strongly your business standards and the characters of your employees. Cleanliness is an important aspect of your commercial office’s appearance, so that you can impress your customers and maintain your sanitation.


When we’re talking about cleanliness, we’re not only speaking about controlling the garbage generated by the daily business activities. Cleanliness also essentially includes organization. You don’t want to build up any clutter or have any disorganized files accumulating either. Follow these tips to help you keep your commercial office clean:


  • Make cleaning a habit. Always remind and encourage yourself to make it your duty to clean up your office every day. You don’t have to spend an entire hour doing it – all you have to do is try to designate 10 or 15 minutes a day, to cleaning. You’ll get used to it before you even know it and then it will no longer be a chore.


  • Stop eating at your desk. It’s tempting, but you can do it. Eating at our desk at work is like bringing your office files, PC and work desk/chair to the kitchen. Don’t do that. You may cause food and dirt to remain in your keyboard for example, and that’s not helpful at all.


  • Make a weekly cleanup. You don’t actually notice how untidy your desk may be until you take the time every week to clean it up. Organize your papers, tidy up your office supplies and wipe down all the office equipment and your desk as well.


  • Pay attention to your waste basket. Sometimes our minds trick us into thinking that the fact that we throw away our garbage in the waste basket, means that we throw away to the germs as well. We are mistaken, though, because germs gather on the very same waste basket. A good idea to counteract this would be to clean/empty the waste basket regularly or spray it with a disinfecting solution.


  • Tidy the floor. Sweep and mop your tiled floors. Vacuum your carpet regularly. Use spray cleaner or another appropriate method to clean the plastic chair roller for your carpet. A clean floor can do a lot for the image of your office.


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