The Best Things About Renting A Commercial Office Space

The decision to either rent or buy a commercial office space is all dependent on your business’s needs, your budget, the offer you are receiving and more. Buying doesn’t always work out for the best in some situations and the same goes for renting. That’s why you need to carefully the options and their ups and downs before you actually make a decision.


There are some benefits to getting a commercial office space on lease. In fact, it has been shown that the majority of new businesses actually begin by leasing an office space. In a sense, it helps to get them on their feet so they can grow and develop as a company. We’re going to show you the advantages of renting a commercial office space:


  • Renting gives you a level of flexibility. You have the option of getting up and relocating as soon as the lease is up.


  • You don’t have to worry about things like security, remodeling, maintenance, etc., because the landlord is in charge of that.


  • You may have the benefit of deductible payments.


  • You’re not burdened with mortgage expenses, so you won’t have to worry about trying to pay the bank back every month.


  • The price of your rent may be negotiable, especially in there are a lot of real estate properties in your area.


  • Businesses that are renting office spaces don’t have many forms to complete because their income tax return is easier to file.


  • You don’t have to make large payments on the lease before you move in, unlike when you’re buying a commercial office building – you’d have to pay from 20 to 25 percent of the price and then mortgage the rest.




We have different office structures and we’re sure we can find the best one for you! If you are looking for office space in Ottawa for your dynamic and growing business then give us a call to speak with one of our office space representatives about our current inventory of great office spaces and retail spaces for your business in Ottawa.