Key Tips For An Employee-Friendly Office

We know that you want to make sure that your employees are happy, comfortable and inspired by the commercial office environment they’re in. Your intentions are good, but you’re not really sure what you need to do to get your office in that condition. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get it done.


  • Let them be able to move around in the office and work anywhere. Don’t just design the office in a way that only allows them to sit at their desks and work.


  • Try designating one quiet space to about 10 people. Since more and more people are able to work anywhere, they won’t necessarily need private offices.


  • Remember that the location of your rooms, spaces, meetings and more, actually do matter.


  • You need to give your employees the tools they can use to effectively get the job done. Don’t have them searching for tools or constantly requiring upgrades or even struggling with the mediocre material in the office.


  • Take a walk in their shoes. Figure out how they function within the office and take the time to see how you can make it better from them.


  • Light the place up a bit more. Try especially to let natural light floe through the building.


  • Make the best of quiet rooms, by equipping them with the tools necessary for working.


  • Make work so comfortable, that it feels like home sweet home to your employees. Think about putting a lounge in the office or comfortable furniture.


  •  Chill – let them know that you’re not always going to be on their back, so they can feel comfortable around you and happy at work.


  • Always do the things that you want your workers to do. You lead and they will definitely follow. Show them the different uses of different spaces in the office by making use of them and you’ll see how they will begin to do the same.



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