Ancient Trends That Should Be Forgotten

“Let bygones be bygones”... “Some things are better left in the past”... “It’s time to move on”. Ever heard these sayings? Of course you have. They relate to your life as much as they do to your business and your business trends. Even if you haven’t realized it, some of the trends that we still hang on to are better to be thrown back in the past. Don’t let them re-emerge.


We’ll show you which ones we’re talking about.


  • Trips to the bank: Why make that trip to the bank when you can use the internet to do your banking. In ancient time, you could only get paid by cash or by cheque. In those days, your employer would either hand you your payslip and your cash or he would give you a cheque. Or if you happened to be a receptionist, you had to go to the bank to make deposits and handle all your other affairs. Thankfully, internet banking has changed all that. You can do almost all your business transactions from the internet.


  • Faxes: Sometimes it’s painful to remember how far back in the past we were. At a point in time, this was the only way banks could receive payment or transfer instructions. This was a really slow process and it was a frustrating one for folks in remote areas.


  • No internet, no email: Internet and email is a MUST for the office of today. We wonder how the world used to make it without it. These things are priority within the workplace of today. There’s no turning back.


  • No cloud: Back up is essential. We’re talking about backing up your computer files. Imagine the business world of before when none of this existed. Once your computer crashed or got damaged or was stolen, that was it – all was lost (literally). Cloud is there to prevent something like that from happening, so use it.


  • Restricted business hours: There used to be super inconvenient business hours that hindered customers from fulfilling their needs. You couldn’t buy things on Sundays or you had to leave work early and rush into a business place before it closed at 4 or 5 in the evening if you needed to get something. Thankfully, there is a lessened hassle these days – online shopping and ATMs have brightened our path to the future. You can get your items delivered to you in just a few hours – no sweat.




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