Trends That Can Boost Employee Productivity

In reality, many employers get quite edgy when their employees are not sitting at their desks and intensely working. Some of us even want our workers to slave away through half of their lunch periods, work overtime, come in early, do some extra work on the weekend and be prepared for the following week. Doing some of this could be considered as simple work ethics, but too much of it is just plain out slavery and slaver is NOT a good work trend.


Here are some things that your employee should do, that may look like time-wasting, but are actually helping to improve their level of productivity.


  • Walk a little: Make a short walk outside of the office environment to liven up your day. Go to a new coffee shop or check out that clothing store across the road. Your mind will be stimulated and you won’t feel like it is overloaded with work.


  • Do some exercises: Yes, do some exercises at work. No, do not change into your sports bra and spandex tights to do them. You can do some simple pushups, squats, or maybe lift some small weights to get that blood pumping again. Don’t overdo it and turn your commercial office space into a gym, but do just enough to help wake your brain up.


  • Play video games: Now this may not be a trend in all workplaces, but once it’s cool in yours, then go ahead and jump right in! It will encourage your social and mental interaction – it will free your mind.


  • Do a little cooking: There’s no shame in cooking a simple meal in the office. A quick task like that, enhanced with the reward of eating can be a nice treat for the day. It will help take your mind off the stress of working for a while.


  •  Read: Take a minute to read something besides work-related material. Read a book. Read a newspaper. Oh, but try to avoid gossip “news” because that can actually take up more time than you think.



You can start following these trends to help you brighten up your day in the commercial office. They can add interest, a sense of refreshment and much more, but remember your limit. Never get caught up in things like social media or video playlists and other things of that nature, because they can consume much more time than you think.


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