Office Too Cold?

Brrrrr! Outside you’re sweating, but inside you’re shivering. What a reverse. It feels like the office is an extra large freezer – the only thing is your water doesn’t turn to ice in it, but your body does! When you start to complain, all the guys look at you like you’re crazy, but you’re trying to explain to them that you’re crazy cold!


This post is many for the women in the office. Did you know that the thermostat comfort model was made in the 1960s? It was made to consider things like air temperature, air speed, vapor pressure and clothing insulation. Here’s a version of Fanger’s thermal comfort equation.

Complicated-looking stuff, right? However, it’s unfortunate that this formula was created based on the age and weight of what they considered a general representation of the employees in an office at that time – a 150 pound, 40-year-old man. Therefore, the resting metabolic rate or the speed in which we generate heat is misrepresented in the formula, because nowadays, there are more women in the workplace – they make up about half of the workforce to be exact.


Women are smaller than men, have slower metabolic rates than men, less muscle and more body fat. That’s why this formula usually overestimates women by about 35%. Women can’t really help it – it’s just the way they’re built. They would more likely prefer a “prefer a 75-degree room, while a man might prefer about 70 degrees.”


So that’s why you should make your commercial office a little more comfortable for the female employees in your expanding business. You choose what’s right for you and your business and we’ll be right here to help. We have different office structures and we’re sure we can find the best one for you! If you are looking for office space in Ottawa for your dynamic and growing business then give us a call to speak with one of our office space representatives about our current inventory of great office spaces and retail spaces for your business in Ottawa.