Virtual Office Downtown Ottawa vs. Professional Office Space in Ottawa’s Core

There are many benefits to a virtual office space in Ottawa although as your business grows and you can afford a physical location of your own then you should make the switch to renting a physical office downtown in Ottawa. A physical office space in the downtown core of Ottawa from Metcalfe Realty provides countless benefits and with the right location you can even dramatically increase your revenue and create a solid, professional image for your business that demonstrates profitability and a solid business foundation that will last - all of which are great qualities for prospective customers to see in your business.

Furthermore, a dedicated office space in Ottawa provides room for file storage so you can have your files easily accessible on hand when you need them and also you will have room for equipment and other items you may need in your day to day business activities.

A virtual office can limit your business activity because you are sharing resources. While this can be more cost-effective compared to a dedicated office, it does present problems when you have to share office space, receptionist time and also an address and board room time. It may be difficult to have to book specific times in the board room with a hard time to reschedule on the fly if your customer or client needs to reschedule.

It is also very beneficial to have a physical address that clients can visit and they can come down to see what your company is all about. With a physical office space in Ottawa your clients can come visit and see you face to face which helps a lot in the dynamic business climate we live in today where the personal element of your business is a great competitive advantage.