Outdoorsy Office

Being an employee in one of those big city jobs can get you really flustered! There are huge ghastly buildings that block out the sunlight; huge clouds of smoke puffing from the backsides of both rickety and posh vehicles; and huge waves of depressing, dismal hours at the office. Add a lack of fresh air to that list and see how down and dull your office life can be. That’s why an outdoor office space can be really great.


There are psychological benefits that you can gain from having the outdoors accessible to your employees. They’ll look forward to it and so will you. Make it happen, even if it means allowing them to go up onto the rooftop of your commercial building to get some fresh air. It’s worth it. Why?

  • Based on studies, being outdoors helps to improve memory and makes people about 50% more creative.  


  • Doctors advise that people spend at least 20 minutes outside daily.


  • Even a Harvard University physician said this about nature: “[It] stimulates reward neurons in your brain. It turns off the stress response which means you have lower cortisol levels, lower heart rate and blood pressure and improved immune response."


  • It pretty much clears your mind and helps you to refresh your body.


Accessible outdoor space can also help to attract talent too. Yes, that’s right…

  • About two-fifths of the workforce will be made up of millennials and they have a distinct value for quality of work.


  • CNNN Money reported that “A full 60% of 2015 grads -- and 69% of 2013 and 2014 grads, who were also surveyed -- said they'd rather work for a company that has a "positive social atmosphere" even if it means lower pay.” It’s really a big deal, especially when it is preferred as opposed to higher payment.


  • Outdoor space can be fun and relaxing at the same time. Bigger companies like Facebook are using these strategies to help persons enjoy being at work.


Having an outdoor office space can be very helpful, but it can also be quite costly too. That’s why you don’t need to make your outdoor space very big and fancy. Simple changes in your current office environments will do. Pull up the curtains! Let a little fresh air in through the windows! Little things like that can help.


Take this into consideration when you decide to get an office space for your company. You choose what’s right for you and we’re here to help. We have different office structures and we’re sure we can find the best one for you! If you are looking for office space in Ottawa for your dynamic and growing business then give us a call to speak with one of our office space representatives about our current inventory of great office spaces and retail spaces for your business in Ottawa.