Commercial Office Space Nowadays…

As technology and the economy changes, so do the commercial office spaces and the needs of the modern workforce. Don’t think negatively. Not all of these changes in traditional office trends are bad. They can actually provide attractive options for businesses. Smaller, older buildings are becoming pretty popular trends for commercial office spaces these days.


Check out three of the new trends the commercial world has taken up lately, in terms of office space:

  • Now trending, is the lessened office space for employees. Many businesses are not rethinking their need for huge office spaces. Why? – Because the economic downturn won’t allow it. They need to cut the expense that is brought on by excessive, unnecessary space. Tenants, who are renting commercial spaces, find it much more affordable to pay for a place with just the amount of space they need.


  • There is a change in office space design and layouts. What’s the usual office design that you’re used to seeing? It’s the “…high-wall office cube for a single employee, laid out in rows across the floor in a Dilbert-like setting…” But all that’s changing to smaller workstations, no wall separators (or very low ones if there are any). The aim of this is to facilitate employee interaction and teamwork. The hope is to bring workers closer together, not just physically, but socially too.


  • The costs of office space occupancy are becoming a real issue to tenants and building owners. They are more aware of things that will affect them directly, like the utility costs. That can be affected by the building’s characteristics.  They are aware that things like “access to sunlight can lower lighting costs, access to fresh air can reduce cooling costs, and the thermal mass ability of a building to retain and release heat can reduce heating costs.” There are other factors, like these, which help contribute to the smoother, more economic and more convenient solutions for both business people and landlords.



Have you noticed any of these commercial office trends lately? You choose what’s right for you and your business and we’ll be right here to help. We have different office structures and we’re sure we can find the best one for you! If you are looking for office space in Ottawa for your dynamic and growing business then give us a call to speak with one of our office space representatives about our current inventory of great office spaces and retail spaces for your business in Ottawa.