Interesting Workplace Trends

The working and office environment has a culture that evolves just as much as the personalities and technology it comes into contact with. It involves things like the behavior of employees, the organization’s design, demographics, technological developments, performance metrics and more. So many things come into play here, but don’t expect every office to have the same trends as the rest.


In this article, we’ll show you five of the top workplace trends there are. Just keep reading.


  1. There is talent shortage! Businesses want people who are skilled in management, legal affairs, sales and marketing, operations and technical computer proficiency, but these people are hard to find. So the new trend is finding top-notch employees and making sure they stay.


  1. Businesses are interested in employees that are engaged in their work. The more focused an emotionally invested you are in a company, the more likely they are to go all out for that company – and that’s what they love!


  1. There are less and less people working from their desks and more and more working from their homes.  Would you believe that about one third of employees in private and public sectors actually work from remote locations? That’s right, only 30% to 40% of workers really using office space in the business place.


  1. Workers feel engaged and satisfied when they can work flexibly. The stats prove it. As much as 30% of workers stated that they felt very engaged in their flexible jobs, while the workers who worked a moderately flexible job said that they felt 19% engaged, and the workers who worked under the least flexibility said that they experienced 10% engagement.


  1. Modern-day work is changing to become more challenging to say the least. It has been observed that activity-based work is increasing. In that way, businesses can get all employees a bit more involved, that’s why “…impromptu meeting areas, formal meeting spaces, project rooms, individual work spaces or break areas…” are all being interchanged for areas that can cater for activity-based working.



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