The Third Place Office!

Third place office? It’s simply an office or workplace that’s not an office in your home or a main office. It’s pretty much somewhere in-between the two. It isn’t a 9 to 5 work environment. It’s more like a drop in, get the job done and go kind of place. It’s only for temporary use.


Third place offices are getting pretty popular too. Out of about 3.1 billion workers worldwide, approximately 1.3 billion of them are actually considered as mobile workers, that’s why it’s taking over the working culture.


People are likely to work in places like railways stations and airports when they need to get work done throughout their busy traveling schedules. Third place offices are becoming a big marketing venture. The Office Group and Network Rail are companies who want to embark on a partnership project to create and offer third place offices at major stations. The companies continue to say that “The £40m deal will see the first flexible office opening at Paddington station to accommodate up to 250 people” and that there will be both shared and private offices, mail and telephone services and stylish meeting rooms with high-speed broadband.


Network Rail seeks to make the most of this business venture. They plan to use their profits from the profits they make from this venture to develop their railway services.  The Office Group’s CEO stated that “…the offices will also be the perfect venue for larger corporations who may be experiencing an overflow of staff and need space to accommodate key employees”.


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