Spruce Up Your Office!

Everyone is different and so is every office. Most office environments have their own culture, their own spoken and unspoken rules, and their mix of different people with different personalities. What works for one workplace, might not be the best idea for others.


Many times, offices convey a uniformed, edgy, hierarchical atmosphere, brought on by things like the lighting, the furniture, the color, the interior design. Maybe that’s the reason so many people feel burdened to come to work every day. An office should be designed in a way that it positively impacts the way people act, think, create and feel at work.


Google seems to be doing that well!


Its office are designed and inspired by local structures and make an effort to foster enjoyment, creativity and expression in its workplace. This includes local expressions of each location, from huge wall-paintings to ski gondolas.


There are even scooters, lava lamps, massage chairs, big inflatable balls and pets! Yes, you can bring your little bulldog “Toby” to work! There’s even entertainment! They’ve got video games, pianos, gyms, football, volleyball and one of their offices even has a slide! How cool is that?!


Let’s be honest, though – this type of workspace won’t work for every business environment (neither can every business afford it), but the idea is to encourage creativity, relaxation and a zeal to come to work. On a more everyday business kind of style, abundant natural light, adjustable windows, lighting and AC, and even some music can break through the dull fog of a workplace.






Maybe your office environment could do with a little sprucing up. Maybe this illistration has made you realize that you can make little changes to create a more effective work environment for you and your employees. You can look for a new office space in Ottawa for your dynamic and growing business by giving us a call and having a chat with one of our office space representatives about our current inventory of great office spaces and retail spaces for your business in Ottawa. Call us today! We’re just as inspired and excited as you are!