Office Space Ottawa Red Flags

Are you on the hunt for office space? Do you know what to look for? Once you've found a few great options for office space, you then need to check them out. You’re the one that will know what criteria you have for the space, how much space you’ll need and the neighborhood you’re comfortable being in. Aside from this do you know what else to look for or what you should avoid? Here are a few things to keep an eye out for.


Who else is in the building? Surely you will want to avoid companies and competitors that can present a conflict of interest. If this is something you want to avoid its worth your time to check out the tenant roster of that building. For example there could be a situation where a current tenant’s business type negatively affects the traffic in and out of the building or the elements associated with a certain tenant could go against what you’re striving to build in terms of the location appearance of your company.


Is there a lobby attendant? Not all companies, care about having a fancy lobby, some would rather go with something a lot more modest, especially if they can escape the additional cost of having to pay an attendant. However, there’s a downside to not having an attendant because no one will be there to answer the buzzer if you have one, visitors are unsure which suite number to go to, etc. There’s also no one there to manage delivery logistics or any other lobby business that could cause the flow of the building to jam up and have a negative effect on tenants.


It’s not hard to tell if a building has janitorial services, just by taking a look around at the property and how it is being maintained. If it doesn’t appear to be maintained and has dirty bathrooms, this means that there was no investment made for regular maintenance. It can also suggests that management may be unreliable when it comes to taking care of things like lights going out, electrical issues, spills, etc.


Are there elevators in the building? Depending on how many elevators there are versus how many tenants there are, it’s possible that the lines to use them will get crowded. It’s also important to know of any plans before signing a lease. For example, if there needs to renovation done on elevators this can be very annoying to tenants and clients who will be in and out of the building on a regular basis, especially since such renovations can take months to be completed.