The Ideal Office Look

Are you looking for office space? What sort of look works? Cubicles are isolating and soul-sucking while open offices are noisy and distracting. Most office layouts incorporate a culture where the furniture, lighting and colors all speak of hierarchy, defensiveness and uniformity. The problem with offices like this is that there is little room for individual inspiration and fulfilment, much less innovation. Here at Metcale Realty we encourage you to have an office that is well designed can change attitudes, encourage creativity, productivity and a sense of wellbeing.

It stands to reason that the ideal office is different for everyone, but there are features you can put in any office that would meet with people´s fantasy´s. An effective workspace will generally have an abundance of natural daylight, people have control over opening or closing windows, adjusting air-conditioning and lighting.


According to the nature of your job one of the things you will be doing the most at the office is sitting. With chairs the color and material isn’t that important, what you want to obtain is comfort and back support. It may not always be possible but when you can get office space with amazing views. It’s not important but it’s a choice that can relax and inspire but of course this boils down to preference. You also want to bring inspiration into the workspace by pleasing the eye and the other senses. So rather than boring neutral colors try working with some color. It could be brightly painted walls, pictures, photographs or objects.


It’s crucial that you keep your work station clean, it helps you to focus. A clutter-free desk is equal to a clutter-free mind. So the ideal office space should also include file organizers or cabinets.