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located at 123 Slater Street in Ottawa The MacDonald Building Ottawa has been completely renovated and has a fresh entrance, a lobby, fully remodeled bathrooms, common corridors, computer dispatch elevators, and more. If you are looking for office space nearby, the MacDonald Building in Ottawa could be exactly what you're looking for. It's a luxurious building that has

office space on every floor

. It's also designed for commercial businesses and small companies that need a space to work, meet with clients, and conduct meetings. Located on 123 Slater Street, it's located perfectly in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Among Ottawa office space, it's one of the most impressive buildings available. It's quite large, the view is breathtaking, and the office space is very luxurious. It meets the needs of today's businesses and then some. The Macdonald Building in Ottawa provides commercial space for government and organizations from Metcalfe Realty - a business committed to providing the most affordable and most useful office space in the area. They provide office space that will be the perfect location for your business as it is centrally located and easily accessible, even from Gatineau and Hull. It will impress customers, it will encourage employees to want to work for you, and it will make the impression that people have on your business very good.

A renovation focused on security, convenience, and luxury

The MacDonald Building as undergoing a renovation that will be focused on enhancing security, convenience for those who work there, and improving the luxurious features of the office space. Security will be enhanced by having a fresh new lobby to greet customers, business owners and guests as they come to the door. Security at this area of the building will be enhanced so that office space owners can feel more secure inside the building. Convenience will also be increased by adding elevators and other features to the building that will improve access to the offices. The actual offices within the building will also be enhanced to be more luxurious and comforting to you and your guests. Window space be increased, the view will be enhanced and more square footage will be added to each and every office within the facility.

Have your business located in the heart of Ottawa's downtown core

By relocating to The MacDonald Building, you can have your business located right in the heart of Ottawa's downtown core with downtown office space in Ottawa. This is where all the shopping is, it's where the majority of the businesses are, and it's one of the best places to have your company located. It's an opportunity to impress customers, show them what you are the best in the business, and give them a reason to work with you. Being located here can revolutionize your business, improve sales, and be a dramatic improvement in the company. It's definitely a step in the right direction and it's a move that a lot of businesses in Ottawa are making for their Ottawa office space. If you are looking for Ottawa office space, the impressive offices at The MacDonald Building could be exactly what you need. Located on 123 Slater Street Ottawa, there's no better location that you could have within Ottawa and the new renovation makes them highly luxurious.

Move to the Next Level in Ottawa Office Space

The MacDonald Building has undergone an extensive architectural transformation. The complex boasts a fresh new entrance facade, a two storey lobby, fully remodelled washrooms, common corridors, and new computer dispatched elevators.

This modernization work complements the MacDonald Building’s already upgraded mechanical and electrical systems, including energy efficient lighting, upgraded electrical distribution on tenant floors, and modern energy- saving chillers and boilers. The Building automation system ensures year-round comfort with digitally controlled VAV boxes. 

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Architectural finesse with modern amenities

  • Extensive modernization program
  • BOMA BEST Level 1 certification
  • Unparalleled tenant service
  • Ottawa office space

Tips You Should Consider Prior To Renting Office Space

Renting an office for your business may not be too hard, but there are definitely some things you need to know about, before you actually sign the lease. These tips will help you to make the most of your new office space, so that your business can grow and develop into what you want it to be.

Think About These Things Before You Rent A Commercial Office

If you’ve decided that it’s time for you to lease a commercial office space for your business, you need to ensure that you go about that process carefully. There are some very important things that you must consider in relation to your modern office.


Reasons That You Should Rent Commercial Office Space

If you have a business, you will come to the point where you are taxed with the question of commercial office space. That question concerns whether you should buy your own commercial office or get an office space to rent.


2016 Color Trends For Your Commercial Office

Color is a very important part of our world, even if our individual worlds are primarily made up of office structures. The human brain is affected by the different colors presented to it and the various associations made in relation to such colors. You can actually use colors to do quite a lot to enhance your office’s appearance and the productivity of your employees.

Trends That Can Help Boost Productivity In An Open Office

Approximately three-quarter of all America’s offices today are open-plan workspaces. This is because many businesses believe in the ability of such offices, to promote creativity and collaboration as well. To boost productive, many businesses may have come up with some very catchy ways to alter the design of the office or the atmosphere within the office.


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